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How to order

How to place an order:

Step 1: Login to the system, search for items you are interested in, select the items and add them to the cart. You can find a suitable product using  filters by price, size and category.

Step 2: In the shopping cart, select the items to purchase and send them to the operator to confirm price and quantity of the order. Our operator will contact you by email or by phone.

Attention! Minimum order quantity for most of the items is 5 boxes  

Step 3: After confirming readiness to place an order for you, our manager will contact you to coordinate the details of the order. You should provide the stickers and labeling, approve the order requirements and a shipping date.

Step 4: You sign a contract with our company for the delivery of goods. We issue you an invoice for the payment of a deposit. After receiving the deposit, the manufacturing of the order begins.

Step 5: You can control every stage of manufacturing of the goods by contacting the manager of the company. After checking the quality of the goods, we will  provide you with photo and video materials from the inspection.

Step 6: You pay the balance of the order according to the terms of the contract and the invoice.

Step 7: After loading the goods into the container, we will provide you with a photo report from the loading. Shipping documents (packing list, specification, commercial invoice, etc) will be sent to your email within 2 working days.

Step 8: After receiving the container at your warehouse you will need to organize quality control within the terms stipulated in the contract.

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