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Types of delivery

The main types of delivery:

* Sea container shipping: The most reliable, trusted and budget-friendly way to ship cargo from China, but usually the longest. Suitable for sending individual containers and consolidated shipments.

* Air Delivery: The fastest and most expensive delivery method. Suitable for small shipments.

* Car Delivery: The fastest overland delivery. Suitable if you need to deliver a large batch of goods as quickly as possible.

* Rail container transportation: The fastest way of delivery after air and road delivery. It is suitable for sending containers and for the delivery of combined cargoes.


Delivery of toys from China

Our company UGL Corporation will not only assist you in purchasing the necessary amount of toys from China, but at the same time will organize the delivery of goods. Packages we are to offer are suitable for small, medium and large business.


Package for individual entepreneurs:

If you are just starting the business and mostly working through market-places or owning the chain of vending machines, you will only need to purchase a limited amount of toys. The most suitable package we offer is sending goods through cargo with payment per kilogram. In this case we can send goods from China (starts from 5 boxes, 1 SKU per box) and you will be able to receive it in 2 weeks in Moscow or any other city in Russian Federation. The same package works for Kazakhstan. The cost of delivery is USD 1,5-4 per kilogram.

   Obvious advantages of this package are fast delivery and relatively cheap cost.

   The main disadvantages are certificate related issues which might occur after landing and the absence of Cargo customs declaration for the goods.


Package for wholesale purchases:

If your business is on a stable track and steadily growing, you can plan your goods stock accordingly by knowing the sales statistics. In this case you can place the orders and arrange delivery by containers. At the beginning you can start with 20ft standard container and there on decide by the situation.

   20ft standard container can go by railway or by sea. Our company can assist with customs procedure inside China and recommend the broker responsible for customs clearance at the country of the receiver. It is very important to keep in mind the rules of certification in your country, especially considering the fact that the requirement for children’s goods have recently become very strict, so we highly recommend to start the certification process beforehand to avoid any unpleasant development of events at the customs after receiving goods.

   The delivery by railway from Yiwu City (China) takes around 20 days.


Package for the producer or large wholesale buyer:

If you buy toys for your own factory and put them inside bags with the other goods or as presents which can be given along with other purchasing or you are the big player at the market, so you need the permanent deliveries of goods and getting just one container will not be sufficient. Taking all this into consideration we offer permanent deliveries of goods in big containers (40ft container HQ), which can take up to 70 m3.

   Our company can assist with customs procedure inside China and help to fill up the container till maximum capacity to save some extra for delivery cost.

   Usually this kind of containers go by sea to ensure maximum cost cutting. From Shantou Harbor (China) it will take around 30-35 days to reach Moscow. 




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