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Puzzles and conundrums

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Cartoon tic-tac-toe..
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The assortment includes three-dimensional 3D puzzles, puzzles for children, sets for creativity, such as magician sets or sets for creating engravings.

3D puzzles have been very popular lately. They are much more complicated than ordinary puzzles and develop spatial thinking in children. In addition, the result is a real three-dimensional model, and not just an assembled picture.

Children's puzzles can be in different types and sizes. It can be a small box with details, or a large jigsaw puzzle with a special frame for laying out a picture. Also, the size of the parts is different - if the puzzle is designed for a small child, the parts will be larger, respectively, and it will be easier to collect a picture.

Jigsaw puzzles for kids are one of the most popular items.  Parents, as a rule, want the toy to be not only interesting, but also useful, develop thinking and certain skills.  It is important for children, first of all, that the puzzle be fun, otherwise it will not be interesting to solve.  In our assortment you will find both classic puzzles and novelties.

In this section you can buy wholesale puzzles and conundrums for children.

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