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Model: UGL-0103-064
Plastic Battery-powered washing machine..
$121.65  per pack
$3.38 per item
Model: UGL-0103-719
Plastic airplane with spring drive..
$153.60  per pack
$0.16 per item
Model: UGL-0103-525
Hand-held fan toy, plastic...
$146.40  per pack
$0.18 per item
Model: UGL2017-429
Plastic Set " luminous ball".2 balls +pen+holder+luminous LED light bulb inside the ball..
$217.80  per pack
$0.36 per item
Model: UGL2017-431
Set of colored notebook+pencil (when writing on a black background,a color image appears) (Paper, wood)..
$203.00  per pack
$0.20 per item
Model: UGL-0103-573
plastic sports car with spring drive..
$184.80  per pack
$0.15 per item
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In this section you can buy wholesale stationery for children. The assortment includes various notebooks with bright covers for both boys and girls.

Separately, I want to highlight a large selection of pens for children.  The catalog contains pens in the form of cars, flowers, with different caps in the form of toys.  Some pens are equipped with additional functions - there are luminous pens, pens with perfume, pens with rods of different colors.  All products are bright and attractive and are perfect for elementary school students.

Also, in the catalog you will find an assortment of pencil sharpeners and erasers, made in the form of a variety of animals or objects.

All presented stationery for children is of high quality and meets safety requirements.

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