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Children's constructors

Model: UGL2018-341
Constructor (house) + truck..
$100.08  per pack
$0.28 per item
Model: UGL-0103-570
Constructor – cat (43 pieces)..
$121.92  per pack
$0.25 per item
Model: UGL-0103-567
Constructor – pinguin (48 pieces)..
$132.00  per pack
$0.28 per item
Model: UGL-0103-566
Constructor – rabbit (43 pieces)..
$121.92  per pack
$0.25 per item
Model: UGL2018-239
Set of sticky suckers..
$90.24  per pack
$0.24 per item
Model: UGL-0103-1059
$211.68  per pack
$0.15 per item
Model: UGL-0103-1058
$223.20  per pack
$0.19 per item
Model: UGL-0103-1060
$230.40  per pack
$0.13 per item
Model: UGL2018-376
Constructor (22 pieces)..
$135.36  per pack
$0.19 per item
Model: UGL-0103-834
Constructor (28 pieces)..
$104.40  per pack
$0.29 per item
Model: UGL2018-307
Constructor (42 pieces) + truck..
$117.72  per pack
$0.33 per item
Model: UGL-0103-901
Constructor (car, 12 models)..
$157.92  per pack
$0.19 per item
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Children's constructors - a universal solution when choosing a toy that combines entertainment and learning element. Constructors develop motor skills, spatial thinking and imagination, allow to acquire initial engineering skills. There are a lot of constructors for children, from simple ones, which will suit young children, to complex and voluminous sets, which not every adult can deal with.

Of course, one of the most popular brands is Lego. But there are many other varieties and analogues. For example, there are constructors with luminous elements, sets from which you can assemble a robot figure, wooden constructors.

In this section you can buy wholesale constructors for children of all ages and areas of interest.

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