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Robots and Transformers

Model: UGL2018-345
Plastic Ring-transformer for wrist..
$152.10  per pack
$0.17 per item
Model: UGL2018-255
Robot with a gun (with backlight)..
$126.00  per pack
$0.18 per item
Model: UGL2018-432
$178.56  per pack
$0.37 per item
Model: UGL2018-206
Transformer (truck) – spring drive..
$162.72  per pack
$0.11 per item
Model: UGL2018-018
Dinosaur (transformer)..
$141.70  per pack
$0.16 per item
Model: UGL2018-012
Dinosaur (transformer)..
$125.28  per pack
$0.15 per item
Model: UGL-0103-1008
Fish – pull cable drive..
$73.16  per pack
$0.25 per item
Model: UGL2018-247
$139.68  per pack
$0.29 per item
Model: UGL2018-246
Robot – pull cable drive..
$108.87  per pack
$0.22 per item
Model: UGL2018-311
$149.52  per pack
$0.09 per item
Model: UGL-0103-2204
Plastic robot warrior..
$157.92  per pack
$0.09 per item
Model: UGL-0103-1195
Plastic soldiers and boat..
$126.72  per pack
$0.13 per item
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Transformers toys are primarily robots. They are transformed into different machines and back in just a few movements. It could be a boat, a tank, a car, an airplane or even some animal. Transformers robots are 2-in-1 toys. At the same time, it's both a figure and a model of technique. The assortment also includes various prefabricated figures, such as superhero figures.

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