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Toys for girls

Model: UGL-0103-068
A battery-powered microwave oven, made of plastic, in a cardboard package, in different colors, in an assortment...
$173.00  per pack
$3.60 per item
Model: UGL-0103-065
Battery-powered mixer made of plastic, multi-colored, in a cardboard package..
$115.35  per pack
$2.40 per item
Model: UGL-0103-137
A bird toy with a clockwork mechanism. Product color: Green, orange. The product is made of plastic...
$114.72  per pack
$0.24 per item
Model: UGL-0103-315
Plastic Magic pipe..
$130.80  per pack
$0.11 per item
Model: UGL-0103-598
Magic wand with backlight..
$252.00  per pack
$0.18 per item
Model: UGL-0103-384
Plastic Microwave..
$110.40  per pack
$0.92 per item
Model: UGL-0103-382
Plastic Microwave - inertial drive..
$100.08  per pack
$0.70 per item
Model: UGL-0103-383
Plastic Mini mixer..
$105.96  per pack
$0.88 per item
Model: UGL-0103-424
$177.60  per pack
$0.07 per item
Model: UGL-0103-105
A life-size toy sewing machine for girls. When sewing, a sound accompaniment is provided. The case is in pink color with stickers. The product is made of plastic and metal...
$118.95  per pack
$1.65 per item
Model: UGL-0103-774
A bird toy with a clockwork mechanism. Product color: multicolored. The product is made of plastic...
$122.88  per pack
$0.26 per item
Model: UGL-0103-2227
Plastic hand fan..
$107.14  per pack
$0.19 per item
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Toys for girls, presented in our online store, include the most popular products. These are dolls, pony figurines, game sets with children's dishes and much more. Also, the range includes sets of children's cosmetics and accessories for girls, children's costume jewelry.

Toys for girls are made in China, but are of high quality and have all the proper certificates.  Most of the toys are small and perfect for sale through a network of fixed-price shops or as additional goods on the counter.  The assortment includes a line of toys that are suitable for collecting.

We sell toys for girls in bulk. The number of items in the box depends on the specific item and type of toy. The exact quantity can be found on the product card. In case you cannot find the right toy, you can contact our managers by phone - they will help you navigate through the range and answer additional questions.

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